A Little Hope
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Somedays all we need is a little extra hope

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“It’s a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.”American Beauty (1999)

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“Don’t believe the lie that there’s no hope left. You can turn the corner and start again.” —OCC (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

that’s hip on Flickr.


that’s hip on Flickr.

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“There are lots of different places I like to go to explore. I’ve written a straight-up jazz standard type song, and I’ve written a country song, if produced in a colour-by-numbers sort of way. I’m not really interested in having a specific genre, though. I don’t believe people have to commit to anything artistically. It’s like you have a kid who’s great at sports but you want them to be artsy and read books all day, like you did. You don’t want to be going to their football games. But they’re naturally an athlete, they’re naturally a jock. They want to be in that culture. You can’t deny somebody, or a song, its natural properties. But then at the same time you can push back and not put on the exact colour-by-numbers string section.” —Regina Spektor (via reginaholic)

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“‎I’m an occupational therapist, an obscure profession if there ever was one. We are few and far between, maybe because we have chosen to serve people with disabilities. All disabilities. Not a glamorous endeavour, nor a lucrative one. And I say serve because we deem that in helping we see weakness, while in serving we see wholeness. We’ve opted for wholeness nearly a century ago and have been at odds with the system ever since. We don’t fix people, you see: with them, we simply try to find a way to meaning, balance, and justice. I chose occupational therapy because it blends science and humanism, intellectual rigour and compassion.” Rachel Thibeault (Occupational Therapists without Borders)

We never know what lies ahead in the next year or day or second. We must leave no stone unturned and no word unsaid; not because of fear for tomorrow but because of gratitude for today.

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